About Us

N.TH.KOUROUSHIS LTD's scope of practice is the reception, production, packing and distribution of dairy products.

Kouroushis Dairies is committed to the high quality and specification of the products produced through the high standard procedures of production and hygiene which are in place, thus verifying and confirming the final product.

Towards that extend the company has in place and it's a goal for the company every year to fulfill and maintain the national regulations for the production of safe foodstuffs as well as the international High food standards which are dealing with the quality management system of all the sectors of the company.

The company is implementing the strict international Quality Management System IFS that is a French-German origin. For the company a very important goal is our customer satisfaction, the safety of our products, and our continual improvement to ensure that our clients get the most valuable products in terms of functionality, safety, chemical properties, health and nutrition. We want to offer as much as the customer can benefit from.

Our R&D Department works non-stop to expand the range of Kouroushis Products with the newest and latest innovations in order to satsfy consumers' needs.